Sphere One


Cordoba €810.00


100% Cashmere

With the vision of creating a modern Aran sweater, Sphere One worked to develop totally new, entirely original cable shapes in hand knit; modern, refined interpretation of our Irish hand knit tradition. On a trip to Seville and Cordoba the beautiful graphics of Moroccan influence gave inspiration. This amount of work was worthy of only the best cashmere it is hand knitted in sumptuous 6-ply cashmere, spun by Scottish mill Todd & Duncan, one of the oldest, most skilled yarn spinners in the world. The shape is very simple to show off the cabling.  This ideal winter walk sweater. It has a relaxed fit with a neckline that stands flattering away from neck. The reverse side of the cabling is also appealing and so the sleeves are knitted wide and long to be turned back.