Sphere One


Petit chou €350

Rosewater w Tank stripe

100% Italian cotton with 70% Cashmere/ 30% silk stripe

Childhood memories of fresh stripes from Marimekko and Petit Bateau are central to the Sphere One summer collection, giving rise to several “Petit” names.. Chou means ‘cabbage’ in French, but “Petit chou” is a term of endearment primarily meant for children but which use is expanded to include those you want to express genuine affection to. “Mon chou”, “mon petit chou”, literally “my cream puff”, “my little cream puff”…deriving from chou pastry.

This simple, slim fit long sleeve is knitted in fine Italian yarns, one; soft cottton, the other a rich cashmere/silk blend, lending depth of colour and tactile cosiness.It’s unashamedly feminine shape provides an ideal contrast to dungarees or a skinny strap dress. It is slim enough to be worn inside a nipped waist skirt or voluminous trousers.

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