Sphere One


Cartology cardigan €685.00

Oribe with Serpentine

100% Scottish Cashmere

This is THE key piece from Sphere One Spring Summer “Wicklow” collection. Taking inspiration from the delicate lines of Ordnance survey maps the cardigan features hand embroidered contour lines, stitched to scale, of the locale where Sphere One was founded in 1999. These stitches follow the path of the emerging river Liffey in the foothills of the National Park of Wicklow, Ancient Cairns (burial tombs) and other places of significance to Sphere One designer; Lucy Downes, are denoted by French knot emboridery. Stitches ramble from the back panel and trail off into a pocket and wrap around the side seam. Subtle colours of top quality cashmere from Scottish mill Todd and Duncan, one of the oldest, most skilled yarn spinners in the world, also reflect the colours of Ordnance survey maps.

The dropped shoudler and generous width of this cardigan lends itself as a panel for the embroidery but also makes it an indulgent, easy shape that floats over the hips.

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