Sphere One


X Spotter €560.00

Perlato bespoke

100% Cashmere

Top quality Scottish weight cashmere feels delicious in a loose silhouette and Sphere One is renowned for relaxed Boyfriend sweater styles. This season we updated the style to fit the character of the “AW17 Staghorn” collection; that of wildlife preservation game keeper. Commonly the preserve of the male it lent a unisex aspect to the collection. The idea of moving from poacher to keeper gave us the style names prefix ‘X’ eg ‘formerly’ but it also references the contemporary denomination of Unisex clothing. ” Taking inspiration from rifle-butt protection for the shoulder patch, is a deliciously comfortable and hard-wearing boyfriend sweater style in colour Mazarine while surprisingly feminine in colour Perlato, bespoke dyed in Italy for Sphere One.

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