Sphere One



B R A N D U B P L A Y I N G     S U R F A C E Collaboration of De Paor architects and Sphere One | Lucy Downes. http://www.an-brandub.com The playing surface for Brandub is a circle. This reinforces the island nature of the game (versus the linear-army nature of chess). This circle of felt is hand made in Dublin from pure, un-dyed wool. The puncture marks reference the 10th century Brandub bo…

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Nature of Collaboration

The nature of Collaboration; Collaboration really works well when the two parties, in trying to resolve their own element of the project, influence the other to improve the overall design. In the case of Brandub, Tom had come up with a wonderful version of the ancient game, carving the pieces from extruded peat; a material of which he is fond. Although the ancient found specimen was square Tom…

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